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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 12, 2003

Discussion Topics:

- Using features to provide finer grain upgrade paths for selected components of the SDK? For example, it could make sense to have CVS as a separate feature and allow us to release upgrades, major bug fixes, outside the SDK release schedule. Comments?
I think this would be excellent idea. I think CVS, Ant, SWT are all components that might have important bug fixes or enhancements that should/could need to be upgraded before a new stable release of Eclipse it completed. It would also be helpful for developers that use Eclipse as platform to have this functionality at their disposal. For example, a plug-in might only need a new version of CVS plug-in or etc. not a whole new release of Eclipse. This would help them upgrade. I'm also thinking that this might useful, if there are ever any security issues found within the Eclipse platform. Instead of having to reinstall a new version of Eclipse, they would be able to just use a small patch to the affected area.

On the downside, this will be more complex for the user. Now, the user only worries about what version of Eclipse she might be running. If this goes too far the user will have to worry about what version of each component they are running.


Jeff Duska

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