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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 12, 2003

Status for Platform UI:

Discussion Topic:
- Adapting to RCP changes.  How hard was it for downstream teams?  What 
problems were encountered?  Suggestions for making this smoother for other 
plugin developers?


- Changes for Rich Client Platform (RCP) have been released from the RCP 
stream to HEAD. 
Note that this includes breaking API changes.  For more details, see the 
design documents and porting guide at:

Many thanks to the Text, Help and PDE teams for their early help and fast 
turnaround on work in the RCP stream, and to all teams for adjusting to 
the changes in HEAD so quickly.

- Progress on JFace level CoolBarManager API.
- Bug fixing

- Continued API work on activities.
- Bug fixing in support for roles. 
- Moved activity and role declarations out of our plugin.xml, and into the 
platform feature.

New look:
- Progress on new look (in split stream).

- Mechanism for asynchronous prompts.

- Editor for instrumentation profiles.
- Bug fixing.


Mike Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA 
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
11/11/2003 03:37 PM
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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 12, 2003

 Discussion Topics 

Rel Eng: 
- 3.0 M5 build schedule 
- Here is a *suggested* schedule and rebuild/signoff guidelines: 
- Tuesday Nov 18, 08:00 EST - 3.0 M5 Warm-up build 
  - this is just a warm-up 
  - rebuilds are not planned should this build fails or is unusable 
- Wednesday, Nov 19, 00:10 (in lieu of nightly build) EST 
  - 3.0 M5 Test candidate build 
  - this is the real M5 build 
  - goal: a good build for the test pass on Thursday 
  - all teams need to sign off on  that candidate build is good enough 
    to use for Thursday's test pass 
  - rebuild at noon without waiting for status from all teams if a rebuild 

    is requested 
  - additional rebuilds as necessary when all teams contributing to 
    are ready 
  - for a rebuild, only team(s) requesting the rebuild need to recheck and 

    sign off (although they may request other teams to revalidate 
    affected functionality) 
- Thursday, November 20 (all day) - 3.0 M5 Test pass 
  - intensive 1-day test pass on M5 candidate 
  - identify any critical problems and supply critical fixes by 16:00 EST 
- Thursday, November 20, 16:00 EST - 3.0 M5 Release candidate 
  - this is the final M5 build 
  - goal: a good build to release as 3.0 M5 on Friday 
- Friday, November 21 
  - all teams need to sign off that the release candidate is good enough 
    declare as 3.0 M5 
  - rebuild at noon without waiting for status from all teams if a rebuild 
  - additional rebuilds as necessary when all teams contributing to 
    are ready 
  - for a rebuild, only team(s) requesting the rebuild need to recheck and 

    sign off (although they may request other teams to revalidate 
    affected functionality) 
  - declare 3.0 M5 available 

- We have problems with autobuilds in the background related to imports 
  classpath containers: 
  - Autobuild kicks in and stops.  (bug 45933) 
  - Dynamic build order. (bug 45767) 


nothing to report. 


- working on document describing outstanding builder issues 
- working on user settings document 
- integrating another user-contributed tool to the Core Tools 

Rel Eng: 
- planning a build infrastructure template to provide to anyone wanted to 
  build, test, publish their components, based on experience working with 
- investigating problems running chkpi 
  - the log files cannot be written. 
  - Chkpii testing disabled until the problem is resolved. 
- removed dependencies on org.apache.xerces plugin, testing. 

- RCP Migration 
- activity configuration: 
  - "Java Debugging" activity is now part of "Java Development" activity 
- launch framework enhancement: 
  - API additions to ILaunchConfigurationTab for efficiency enhancement 
- use of new workspace runnable API for breakpoint creation/deletion/ 
  modification. We no longer lock any resources when modifying 
- launch now waits for autobuild to complete (when preference "build 
  launch" is on) 

- RCP Migration 

- performance and robustness work continues 
- startup now about 5% faster than Eclipse for a typical developer 
- large install (1500 bundles) startup is about 10% off for empty 
- Equinox showing better classloader scaling characteristics (ie.., the 
  classes loaded the more improvement over Eclipse) 
- major project restructuring completed and all code merged into HEAD 
- the new structure is more inline with standard Eclipse practices and 
  play better with PDE 
- new build and web pages to follow a successful Eclipse integration build 

Platform/JDT Text: 
- RCP merge into HEAD and adaptation of upstream plug-ins 
- introduced concept of text presentation listener while consolidating 
  background highlighting: 
  - text presentation listener participate in the construction of a text 
    presentation used to style the content of a text viewer 
  - started migration of existing code to text presentation listener such 
    annotation painters and the hypertext linking feature in the Java 
- continued work to improve implementation of linked positions 
- bug fixing 

- RCP migration 
- bug fixing 
- reviewed external refactoring contributions for 
  Introduce Factory and Generalize Type 
- continued work with JDT/Core on new AST rewriter API: 
  - a first book keeping implementation is ready. It can 
    be used by JDT/Core to implement a rewriter that 
    directly modifies AST nodes. 
  - started to convert JDT/UI code to use the new book 
    keeping implementation 
- continued work on XML expression evaluation language: 
  - finished prototype implementation 
  - worked on proposal 

- RCP migration 
- worked on tree based search result presentation 
- worked on new search API 

- new RCP-restructured help now in HEAD 
- working on making Help OSGi-happy (problems with URL handlers, loading 
  web apps and compiling JSPs); selfhosting the webapp still does not work 

- defect fixing 

- 2.1->3.0 plug-in manifest migration wizard worked well for Eclipse teams 

  (questions about optional imports, sorted out on eclipse-dev). 
- PDE Junit is now RCP-friendly (it can run tests for random 
applications). It 
  is also backward-compatible (will work with 2.1 plug-ins). 
- getting more feedback on dynamic classpaths - good adoption from Eclipse 

  teams and the community. We are having some issues with autobuilds in 
  background (see above). Will address remaining issues as they arrive. 
- we are able to create a pure 'Hello, World' OSGi bundle and get it to 
  against an OSGi Eclipse target. 
- PDE is schemaVersion-sensitive - can produce 2.1 or 3.0-compatible code, 

  depending on the target platform. 

- continue refactoring of Update Core. 

- more exploring new look and feel in CTabFolder 
- adding "new window API" to Browser 
- additional Bidi investigation 
- cross platform API consistency work 
- bug fixing 

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