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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Nov 5, 2003

From Platform/Core:

- released transformation code for plug-in migration to new UI refactoring

- investigation of new "workspace builder" concept
- involves invoking a builder type across involved projects (e.g. call the
java builder on projects A and B)
- could solve some of the problems that we have been having as well as
allow some builders to add performance enhancements

Eclipse R2.1.2
- submitted work-around for last minute stop ship bug for R2.1.2 (bug

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- all major structure work is well in hand though bugs remain.
- good progress on performance.  Equinox is now compariable to Eclipse for
non-trivial workspace startup.  Testing with 1000 bundles is underway
- scalability design improvements are coming online with a new
resolver/state structure
- We have been focused on this new work (going on in a branch) and have not
been producing new builds for general consumption.  Look for a new build of
Equinox early next week.

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Reminder: Please try to get your status/issues to me by noon on Tuesday.

Discussion Topics

From Text component (not sure if this was intended to be a discussion item
or not):
- Cross component issue:
 - RCP see Nick's note about that
[ed. I didn't get a note from Nick.]


- How was OOPSLA?


- bug fixing
- reviewed two refactoring contributions
- continued work on XML expression evaluation language
- removed dependencies to org.apache.xerces

- continued work on improved search/replace functionality
- implemented a tree based search result presentation for
 text and Java element search

Platform/JDT Text:
- wrap up OOPSLA events and discussions
- continued work on the background highly annotation painter:
 - improved stability
 - investigating use of LineStyleListern in TextViewer to accommodate
   presentation reconciling and background highlighting in order to
   reduce flickering
- background highlighting reveals errors in "Find Occurrences" engine
 that are continuously fixed
- continued on roll overs, needs further architectural improvements
 to be ready for HEAD
- started final RCP migration/merge
- bug fixing

- re-worked API for contribution of "logical variable structures"
 in the variables view. The UI now allows for individual structure
 providers to be selectively disabled. There is a new extension point
 that debug model impementors may be interested in
 - org.eclipse.debug.core.logicalStructureTypes
- added "roles" support to the debug platform. The debug platform provides
 filtering of launch configurations in the launch dialog, launch history,
 and of breakpoints in the breakpoints view.
- java launch configs now support environment variables (via a new tab)
- string substitution variables can be used in VM arguments, program
 arguments, and when specifying a working directory
- enhancements to classpath/bootpath support. The classpath tab now has a
 single tree for specifying the boot classpath and user classpath (rather
 than two tabs).

- progressing with support for Ant runtime classpath entries (preferences)
 that use variables in their paths
- progressing with support to disable the Java builder from the "External
 Tool Biulders" properties page (which will be named the "Builders" page)

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