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Re: [eclipse-dev] Reminder: 3.0 M4 test candidate build today

This build is good for the test pass from Platform/Core.

We have had reports of a deadlock but cannot reproduce it.

We remind people that it is extremely important that you run with a console
(invoke with java.exe and not javaw.exe) so if a deadlock occurs then we
are able to get a thread dump (ctrl-break in the console) to help us track
down problems.


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                      10/08/2003 10:45                                                                       
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Today's goal is to produce a 3.0 M4 test candidate that is good for
tomorrow's test pass. Teams - please advise us of the status of the 8am
integration build as soon as you are able to provide one. A rebuild will
take place at 1pm EDT if required.


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