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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Oct 8, 2003 (component leads: pls read before meeting)

 Discussion Topics

None were proposed ahead of time. Make sure you read the status below to see if it
contains information that you would like to discuss at the meeting.


Christophe had success at Webservices Edge 2003 West:
- 50 people at talk
- 30% already knew Eclipse/SWT
- cool PDA pocket PC/Windows demo

Dirk gave a talk at "IBM PartnerCamp" in Cologne.
- Title: Contributing to Eclipse


- bug fixing
- new feature: set exception breakpoint from the console. The exception name at
  the top of a stack trace is assigned a hyperlink, which will create an exception
  breakpoint when "clicked". The properties dilaog will be opened for the newly
  created (or already existing) exception breakpoint.
- new feature: type qualification for duplicate variable names. When variables
  with the same name are defined in a type hierarchy, the Java debugger now
  qualifies variables with their declaring type, in the variables view

- bug fixing
- experimenting with a tree viewer UI for specifying Ant runtime classpath (in HEAD):
  - the tree allows nodes to be used for "classpath containers", which expand to show
    the entries within the containers.
  - this way, one tree view can be used to specify the Ant runtime classpath, rather
    than using two lists.
  - the same technique may be applied to the "Java classpath tab" to allow users to
    prepend and append to the default classpath. The default classpath would appear
    as one "container" entry, allow the user to easily insert or append extra entries,
    without losing the ability to track the default classpath.

- GTK performance improvements
- non-rectangular windows on all platforms
- polygon add/subtract for Region

- progress continues on performance and completeness
- drops are made available regularly (typically matching integration builds) on the
  Equinox web pages
- we are on track to meet the M4 commitments
- latest startup numbers look something like
        equinox         11531 ms
        eclipse                10892 ms
  for a non-trivial but not massive (i.e., reasonably typical) workspace.
- registry caching has been released and its savings are NOT included in the above
- largest outstanding issue is multiversion support
- good progress on introducing incremental registry building

- bug fixes
- local type filter for outline view
- two new quick fixes:
  - remove unneeded exception
  - remove unnecessary cast
- UI for new compiler options:
  - undocumented empty block
  - unqualified access to instance field
- change method signature improvements:
  - add/remove exceptions
- test cases for introduce parameter
- worked on XML expressions:
  - performance improvements
  - enabled contribution of customized expressions
- refactoring processors:
  - investigated how to further avoid unnecessary evaluation of XML enablement "logic"

- worked on responsive text and Java search
- investigated in search participants (UI side)

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- content assist in find/replace dialog for regular expressions
- released first cut of generalized content assist that is not confined to text viewers
- continued work on Javadoc spelling (not yet released)
- started reworking linked position management
- implemented and released "Open External File" based on generalized file buffers
- added problems view and status line synchronization on Java editor post selection events

Platform Core:
- Xerces:
  - will be recommending that people convert code to using JAXP asap
- Responsiveness:
  - a dynamic team will be created to address the issue of notification during operations
  - for now notifications will not happen during execution of an operation which is
    locking the whole workspace (will wait until the operation has completed)
- User Settings:
  - had a couple of meetings to better understand the problem space and possible solution

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