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RE: [eclipse-dev] Proposal to reduce mailing list noise

Excellent idea

-- Scott 

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> Ironically, I'm contributing to the problem, but I'd like to 
> propose a solution to reduce noise on the mailing lists by 
> helping to direct user questions to the newsgroups instead of 
> the lists. It's a little drastic, but... I suggest removing 
> the 'mailing lists' link from the web page's main 
> navigation bar. There should already be links in the 
> development areas for the various projects (for example see 
> and those links should be 
> sufficient.
> Rationale: Having the mailing lists in such a prominent 
> position on the web site is driving users to the lists, only 
> to have them be (gently) chastised and sent back to the 
> newsgroups. I do realize that the mailing list page has text 
> that says user questions should not go there, but obviously 
> many people don't notice that and skip down to the list of 
> lists. Reducing the lists' prominence would hopefully make 
> them less noisy and better suited for their intended purpose, 
> but would not make the lists any less accessible for anyone 
> involved with or interested in Eclipse development who really 
> needs them.
> + / - anyone?
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