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[eclipse-dev] Tool for designing metamodel

Dear Friends,

We want to develop a tool using Eclipse/EMF framework. The tool's primary functionalities are:

1) The tool should have a class/sequence diagram like editor in which the user should be able to draw diagrams using our specific notation based on UML metamodel.

2) The user should be able to save the diagrams in our notation in an XML file (which seems very likely since EMF provides this facility)

3) Then while drawing a conventional UML class diagram/sequence diagram in EMF/Eclipse, user should be able to import our XML file and stamp out a new model in the editor based on the XML file . This model will be in UML notation.

Some may have got the idea, that we are trying something on the lines of domain specific modelling. I want to know, what API/plugin would be useful for developing this tool. Also what could be a good starting point ?

Thank you

Gagan Tandon

Graduate Student
Computer Science
Colorado State University

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