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Re: [eclipse-dev] declare new package

The Java Element Filters for the Package Explorer are set to hide empty packages.
The package is there.
You can turn off the filters from the drop down menu of the Package Explorer if you so desire.
You can create a class in the package even with the filter on.  New Java Class wizard, set the package name, etc. , and then your package and class will show up.


Please use (or other relevant newsgroup) for these types of questions in the future). This is a eclipse development mailing list. Thanks.

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10/01/03 05:00 PM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] declare new package

                A simple one? I right clicked on my project in the java
perspective, created a new package. I can't see it in the package window
to add classes to it etc. What's more, I cannot create a new one because
'the package already exists'. If that is the case, where is it?! And why
can I not see it / do anything with it?!  


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