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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Sept 17, 2003

- We are looking for ways to increase the value of the weekly status meeting.
  Some suggestions have been sent in already, but if anyone else has good
  ideas, please send them to McQ.

- Dirk gave a talk at OO-DACH conference.
  Title: Contributing to Eclipse


- initial review of "object browser" API is complete (i.e. support to display logical
  view of objects in the Java debugger). Propose to change terminology to
  "Display Logical Structure"
- improved variable expansion/selection memory in the variables view
- new art work for environment variables tab and enable/disable breakpoint actions
- re-work of launch variables is in progress (now called string substitution support)
- console plug-in has been created, but is not yet in use by debugger (we need to get
  the plug-in added to the build)
- display view, Conditional breakpoint editor, and Snippet editor now inherit colors
  of Java editor
- bug fixing

- target filtering in Ant editor outline
- target sorting in Ant editor outline
- ability to specify VM args and working directory for Ant in seperate VM
- bug fixing

- bug fixing
- moved text edit infrastructure to org.eclipse.text
- worked on moving static member types

- continued working on new generic search
- implemented prototype of responsive Java search

Platform/JDT Text:
  - bug fixing
  - smart tab and improved auto indent strategy released
  - working version of Javadoc formatting
  - rcp version based on M2 released
  - regex supported by Search, about to be integrated into Find/Replace
  - started work on Javadoc spell checking

Rel Eng:
- writing an article  with Pascal (Platform Core) on setting up an automated
  build system using

- one more fix for 2.1.2 - approved by the team in question
- new feature - it is possible to switch locales to choices other than the
  default browser locale
- looking at how roles will affect help

- fixing long-standing hard defects
- more work on partial updates (plug-in deltas)
- declaring success on the site mirroring tool
- writing JUnit tests for the site mirroring and command line applications
- thinking about OSGi impact on Update
- thinking about rewriting Update Core to support only the currently used

- continuing editor rework - attacking update site editor first because has
  the most problems
- need to make the feature/site developing story more flexible and powerful
  (currently too restricted - cannot take an existing site and start working
  on it)
- reviewing PDE in context of OSGi runtime - the ability to tolerate it as
  well as the opportunities for tooling

- DOM serialization (source generation) is harder than predicted, since the
  existing support (in JDT/UI) was really tied with refactoring use cases.
  We need a full story in the same flavor.
- Background auto-build support is completed. The JavaModel will only be
  updated during POST_CHANGE notification, and as a consequence will never
  raise Java deltas during PRE_AUTO_BUILD notification stages as it used to be.
  This is a breaking change, conditionned by this evolution. So far clients
  seem not affected. We will post a patch for further assessment.
- Local inner types (and anonymous) are now officially enabled as elements in
  the JavaModel. Open on selection will correctly finds these new elements,
  still work to do for type hierarchies (might be quite expensive for subtype
  hierarchies since need to parse/resolve entire units). Interestingly, UI
  needs very little adjustements to this addition (except for rendering
  anonymous type names).
- Search performance improvements achieved by cleaning our implementation.
- Code formatter is converting to generating text edits (instead of entire
  formatted source).
- Javadoc diagnosis making progress. We should soon be able to provide problems
  during reconcile.
- JDT/Core tests are now passing on Linux platform. Soon to be enabled in build

Platform UI:
- M4 plan posted
- absorbing team restructuring
- RCP: transitioning work to new owner, merging in changes between M2 and now,
  investigating OSGi impact
- Scalability: Roles spike-through and demo went well.  It was very helpful to
  have representatives from down-stream teams here.
- UI Guidelines: in progress
- Instrumentation: focus on getting support into the I-builds for collecting
  preferences and info about perspective/view usage and layout.

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