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[eclipse-dev] Best way to create a build system?

I am tasked with creating the build system for our plugins that will go
into Eclipse.

We are going to be using the Eclipse-SDK as the baseline and trying not
to modify it unless absolutely necessary.  So we don't need to build the
Eclipse-SDK at this point.

But I do need to build and package up all of our components.

Our developers are using Eclipse on Windows machines to do their

I would like to use our Linux systems to do the actual builds.  Anything
Windows specific will be done on Windows boxes of course.  I prefer to
use Linux boxes for the builds because things are more easily scripted.

So far though I have been trying to right everything using Ant build
files so hopefully it will be portable between plafforms.

My question is mainly on what do people think is the best way to setup a
build system that checks out the code from CVS, preps the build
environment (Eclipse-SDK), builds the local plugins, packages the
plugins, and then puts all the plugins into one directory as an output.

So I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me to documents or
give me some info on the best way to accomplish setting up a build

I just got the book Java Development with Ant and it has been a big help
and I am slowly making progress but any pointers would be greatly
appreciated :)


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