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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Sept 10, 2003

Here is the Platform UI team's status:

- M4 planning.  Focus for M4 will be on RCP, scalability, and 
- RCP: continued progress on the refactoring, and transition to new owner
- scalability: working this week on a spike through to demonstrate the the 
notion of roles affecting visibility of items in the UI
- instrumentation: transition to new owner


Mike Wilson/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
09/11/2003 10:39 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Sept 
10, 2003

Reminder to all: 
  I post whatever status information is sent to me. If you 
  aren't seeing the status for teams you care about, feel free to 
  let *them* know you want them to participate. 


- support for specifying environment variables on a launch config that 
  append to the current system environment variables (rather than 
  specifying a complete environment) 
- proposal to generalize source lookup services in the debug platform 
- breakpoints view "link with" debug view toggle button (i.e. select a 
  breakpoint when a breakpoint is hit) 
- bug fixing (including two fixes for 2.1.2) 

- bug fixing 

Platform/JDT Text: 
- M4 plan posted 
- explored SWT Browser widget and possible hover infrastructure 
- continued working on auto indentation (Enter, Tab) 
- improved file buffers: 
  - extended file buffer listeners 
  - introduced concept of synchronization concept that can be used to 
    execute file buffer operations in the UI thread 

- M4 planning 
- bug fixing 
- continued working on text edit clean-up 
- investigated in move static members for inner types 
- reviewed/integrated call hierarchy patches: 
  - cycle visualization and navigation 

- started work on generic search view (allows 
  different viewers for different search results) 
- started implementing a default model/view 
  with background text search as first client 

Rel Eng: 
- preparing for 2.1.2 Eclipse and WSWB builds 
- had to upgrade to version 5.09 of the chkpii tool in 2.1 stream 
  builder since previous version (5.04) timed out. 
- in process of tagging the projects used in the 2.1.1 eclipse 
  release with "R2_1_1"

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