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Re: [eclipse-dev] CVS server getting too slow

Hi Randy

Yes, the cvs server is slower than it should be.  In all honesty, the server requires additional memory and a processor upgrade.  I also have to migrate some of the http services to another server to reduce the load on dev.   I had hoped to conduct this maintenance in August but other priorities prevented it from happening.   I will complete the maintenance in September.   As eclipse continues to soar in popularity, please appreciate that the load on our servers also increases at a remarkable rate, as does the work required by our infrastructure team to accomodate this growth.

For infrastructure related issues, please send an email to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx not the development mailing list.


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Randy Hudson <hudsonr@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

09/04/2003 02:57 PM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] CVS server getting too slow

The CVS server ( has become slower and slower in the past month or 2.  When synchronizing, to compare an outgoing change with the released version takes 6 seconds.  It used to be less than half of this.  This means the for me to review 10 class changes requires a whole minute of network hand-shaking.  Has the load increased on the CVS server (background syncs maybe)?  Is there any feature in 3.0 that would allow be to fetch the repository versions all-at-once instead of one each time I click on an outgoing change.

-GEF team

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