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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August Sept 4, 2003

M3 notes:
- It's done. (yay!)
- Our fat pipe was max'ed with downloads for the entire weekend.
- Need to bound our enthusiasm for putting in minor fixes at the end.
  - polish is good, but need to weigh the risks

- plans need to be posted by next Monday


- M3 "shipping"
- M4 plan
- bug fixing
- refactoring:
  - improved move static members:
    - better visibility checking
    - support for moving static members
      between interfaces and classes.
  - worked on NLS model to support more operations:
    - inline externalized string
    - rename key
- text edit infrastructure:
  - code clean-up (removed active state from edit)

- worked on IMarker free search model

Debug & Ant:
- bug fixing
- creating M4 plan

Platform/JDT Text:
- finished M3
- started planning M4
- started exploring SWT Browser widget
- working on improved auto indentation (Enter, Tab)
- bug fixing

- M3:
  - worked through a couple of deadlocking issues
- M4 (will post plan this week):
  - continued work on 3 major items: RCP, concurrency, user settings
  - also work/planning for: XML, multiple workspaces, workspace
    synchronization, editing files outside of workspace, file encodings

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