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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August 6, 2003


- launching uses background job (we have one more fix ready for this for M3)
- support for breakpoints in external source
- improved breakpoint location verification (using JDOM)
- persistence of watch expressions

- Ant 1.5.4
- support for console coloring and hyperlinks in output from seperate VM

- bug fixing
- worked on new search prototype:
  - avoid use of IMarker
  - support for search participants
- new quick assists:
  - join variable declaration
  - split variable declaration
  - create new field from parameter
- worked on NLS wizard enhancements:
  - support for key renaming

Platform/JDT Text:
- improved Smart Home for comments: it now stops at the beginning of real text
- word navigation, selection and deletion enhanced for Java names (also know
  as camel-case)
- added Add/Remove Block Comment commands
- introduced ExtendedTextEditor which enhances the AbstractTextEditor with
  rulers, print margins, line highlighting and more
- improved overview ruler:
  - added tool tip text to overview ruler header
  - clicking on same overview ruler item jumps to next annotation
  - click on overview ruler item respects layer
- improved QuickDiff feature:
  - accessibility work
  - using hand cursor
- continued work on Javadoc formatting
- bug fixing
- testing

Rel Eng:
- TO DO *POST* 3.0 M3:
  - move to 3.0 M3 plugins for running builds
  - move to 1.4 level vm's for running and testing the builds
    - IBM 1.4.1 for running build
    - IBM 1.4.1 for testing on Linux GTK
    - Sun 1.4.2 for testing on Windows XP
- binaries for the qnx photon configuration will not be built until
  a J9 1.4 vm becomes available.

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