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[eclipse-dev] PDE JUnit 3.0: Full Throttle

For quite some time now, JUnit-based support for testing Eclipse plug-ins
has been made possible by the optional (and very popular)
"org.eclipse.pde.junit" plug-in, courtesy of the JDT UI team.
As of Tuesday's integration build, an enhanced version of this plug-in will
become part of the PDE component in the SDK, as the old one slowly fades
[Pause, as the ZRH lab cheers]

Notable changes:
- the pde.junit launcher has been upgraded to be in the same league as the
JDT JUnit and the Runtime Workbench launchers.
- the new restructured plug-in, now called 'org.eclipse.pde.junit.runtime',
is pretty lightweight with a very short list of required plug-ins
(org.eclipse.jdt.runtime, org.junit and (optional) org.eclipse.ui).  This
restructuring addresses the demands of those developing plug-ins that have
no dependencies on UI, JDT, etc.

Note that for this week's I-build, the new pde.junit launcher's name is
"New JUnit Plug-in Test" to distinguish it from the old pde.junit (if you
have it lying around).
The word "New" will be dropped next week in time for the milestone build.

Please remember to file PDE JUnit feature requests and bug reports against


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