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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build I20030813 (Timestamp: 200308130800):Automated JUnit Testing complete. Test failures/errors occurred.

We have been unable to reproduce this failure on linux (or windows), either by running the Ant test suites or using PDE JUnit. Given that this is the only test failure, and that we can't reproduce it, I recommend that we do not rebuild and that we change the status of this build to successful (as described on the releng build schedule page).  The error was caused by a failure to delete a resource, so this does not represent a situation that would make the build unsafe to use.  Core team will continue to investigate.

Sonia Dimitrov/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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08/13/2003 10:36 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build I20030813 (Timestamp:  200308130800):Automated JUnit Testing complete.  Test failures/errors occurred.

Build I20030813 (Timestamp: 200308130800):  Automated JUnit testing is complete.  Test failures/errors occurred in the following:  

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