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Re: [eclipse-dev] Using templates

You should ask questions like this on the newsgroups.  In this case, the newsgroup would make sense.

"Trey Spiva" <Trey.Spiva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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08/07/2003 04:21 PM
Please respond to eclipse-dev

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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Using templates

I do not know if the is the correct place to post this question.  If this is not, please tell me where to post my question.


I am creating a New Dialog wizard to generate a pattern.  I would like to use the Templates to generate the internals of my methods.  However, I can not find how to get access to the templates.  I found the CodeGeneration class but, it looks like it only find the templates in the from the CodeGeneration property editor page.  Am I missing something?  Can someone please tell me how to get access to the template framework.

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