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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August 6, 2003

- Dirk gave a talk at IBM/Austria.
  - Title: "How to contribute to Eclipse"


  - moved to resources and runtime 3.0 codebase
  - working with running ANT in new dynamic world (and dealing with OSGi
- Concurrency:
  - new code released to HEAD (not integration build yet)
  - view update problems reported last week are also found when running without
    the patch so they weren't introduced by the new concurrency code
- User Experience:
  - received code from update for removing the config from the workspace
  - need to code review it before release into PlatformConfiguration and Main classes
  - looking at "default workspace location" problem....similar issues
- Misc:
  - still working on XMLPull approval for inclusion in the SDK...almost there

- extension point for contributed Ant properties
- work in progress for hyperlinks & console coloring for running with external VM
- bug fixing

- work in progress for external breakpoints and location verification using JDOM
- work in progress for generic (debug platform) watch items, with contributed
  delegates for value computation (per debug model)
- requested new plug-in for generic console, such that clients can use console
  without pre-req'ing debug plug-in
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- context views:
  - contents of Declaration and Javadoc view is computed in the background
- added context menu showing Copy and F3 (where available)
- retarget Select All action (default: Ctrl+A)
- added preview functionality to Javadoc view
- affordance --  opportunity to press F2 is shown in Java editor hovers:
  - This is one of the first affordances shown in the UI. With more to come,
    this raises need for a global preference for enabling/disabling "learning"
- continued work on Javadoc formatting:
  - not yet released
- continued work on share file buffers:
  - not yet released, implies the conceptual shift of allowing multiple
    partitionings on a single document with major ripple effects on viewer
    and editor setup.

Platform Search:
  - Thomas Maeder back in ZRH, designated to assume ownership of the search component.

- bug fixing
- worked on refactoring text edit infrastructure so that it
  can be moved out of JDT/UI plug-in.

- proposal for partitioning help for rich platform discussed and approved

- storing update state outside the workspace
  - patch submitted
- working on site shadowing utility that will allow administrators to point at
  the remote site and shadow select features on the LAN for faster access (part
  of corporate control of updates item)
- bug fixes

- JUnit integration into PDE is done and tested.
- addressed several outstanding PDE JUnit defects/enhancements.
- will be in next week's integration build.

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