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[eclipse-dev] cannot launch eclipse help

Hi all
I just subscribe to this list. hope it's the correct one.
I installed eclipse 2.1 and have been using it happily for about 1 month. then all of a sudden I cannot launch the application. I get the message "problem during startup check the .log file in the .metadata directory of your workspace"
In the .log I find message;
problems occurred when invoking from plug-in "org.eclipse.core.runtime"
stack 0
org.eclipse.core.internal.dtree.objectnotfoundexception: tree element
/tools/examples/src/ not found
but is there in the directory.
why can I not launch eclipse no more????
I install the newer 2.1.1 and the same I cannot launch it.
am  running eclipse 2.1 on mandrake 9.1
what is wrong
Help please someone

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