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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - July 30, 2003

M2 is out:
- We're in good shape to be moving forward
- We should be working through the challenges of OSGi, concurrency and rcp refactoring
  (i.e. we need to get rid of the associated risks)


- Java Family Example:
  - Tomcat launcher
  - set breakpoints in JSP code
  - JSP/Java source lookup:
    - step from through a JSP and Java code
- breakpoint Properties Dialog:
  - released first re-work using workbench propeties dialog

- added test suite for Ant UI to the build

- proposal for partitioning help plug-in for the rich platform effort

- storing state outside the workspace implemented - testing it
- working on site shadowing utility that will allow administrators to point
  at the remote site and shadow select features on the LAN for faster access
  (part of 'corporate control of updates' plan item)
- fixed/cleaned up defects

- editor rework continues - having the old and the new
  side by side (available using 'Open With...'). Still not in HEAD (working
  in a branch).
- externalizing extension point doc style sheet (schema.css) to avoid CHKPII
  errors. Also made style extend those in book.css to avoid being in the
  'font-family' business
- PDE JUnit work made progress - JUnit launcher integrated with the PDE
  launcher code
- added a new plug-in 'pde.junit.runtime' to solve a well known dependency
  nightmare with pde.junit

- bug fixing
- posted "Participating in Refactorings" proposal
- worked on migrating to new primary working copy model

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- continued work on file buffers
- continued work on Javadoc formatting
- improvements on context views

- fixed many bugs/enhancements (>20) with the new synchronize view, although
  they haven't been released to the integration build yet. There is more
  testing required.
- added job to calculate synchronization state (this speeds up startup time
  because all local sync state is collected in the background, it also
  improves sync actions such as commit/update because the change sync state
  is calculated after the fact.)
- worked on tests to accommodate new job infrastructure where changes are
  collected asynchronously (selectAndReveal use cases don't work anymore
  and tests can potentially deadlock when calculating job causes resource
  deltas and a listener syncExecs.)
- worked on fixing the way our internal CVS locks are used to ensure that
  locking order is deterministic. This has caused problems in the past with
  the CVS decorator and is even more important in the upcoming brave
  concurrent world.
- started writing the Synchronize View and API documentation.

- talking to IBM XML group about using a lightweight XML parser
- concurrency:
  - running with jars, slight update problems but nothing major (no
    deadlocks yet)
  - still not released to HEAD
  - test suites broken with current implementation -> indicates breaking
    changes so we have to either reconsider some design choices or present
    case to PMC for approval of breaking changes
- RCP:
  - moving codebase to 3.0
- user settings
  - reviewing proposed solution and will provide comments

- M3 plan posted, some details and dates still to be filled in
- Scalability:
  - first cut of commands and contexts API released to HEAD
  - need to contain risk, understand compatibility issues for M3
- RCP:
  - proceeding, aim to be done with the refactoring for M3 (in split stream)
- Generic Navigator:
  - proceeding
  - problems: actions, finding elements, sorting/filtering
  - for M3, emphasis is on actions, and reimplementing current Navigator in terms of  the new framework
- UI Responsiveness:
  - proceeding
- Scripting/Automation:
  - being investigated by a member of the community

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