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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 18, 2003

- JavaOne radio interview:
- JavaOne BOF:
  - 150 people, 15..20 posters, good presentation
  - lots of positive comments from audience members afterwards

New Eclipse hires:
- new hire in Toronto
- new hire in France in September
- two new team members in Ottawa
- two more new IBM internal job postings in Ottawa (Core and UI)

- some M2 component plans still missing
  - should have estimates based on net time spent by developer
    (i.e. for how many days during M2 will someone be working on the task)
  - to be finished by friday


- able to demonstrate breakpoints and stepping in JSP source
- M2 plan posted

- code assist fixed for mixed case properties in Ant Editor
- M2 plan posted

- refactoring participants:
  - converted rename package to processor/participant architecture
  - notifying resource modifications for higher level refactorings
  - UI participants for refactoring status viewer
- move & copy reorg actions:
  - continued work to convert move and copy to refactorings
- AST rewriting:
  - support for multiple copies of an ASTNode
  - support insert before and after in list (necessary to preserve empty lines)
  - improved space probing between members
- code manipulation:
  - test cases for new generate constructor functionality
  - bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- PR shuffling
- M2 plan posted
- continued work on change bar vertical ruler

Rel Eng:
- 3.0
  - now using Sun 1.3.1 08 for testing on Win2k, IBM 1.3.1 sr4 for building
    and testing on Linux
  - moving to new PDE build mechanism next week.  Delivery will depend on
    finalized plan to organize feature projects in

- looking into allowing dynamic help content (part time)
- fixed more bugs in the InfoCenter as part of our live Info Center experience
  (InfoCenter being used in a number of support web sites)

- looking at download performance (we may cache JARs to skip them in case of
  a failure half-way; also looking at multi-socket parallel download to boost
- looking at sub-plug-in patches (the ability to pack only changes instead of
  the whole plug-in)
- seeking solution for the application scope for storing platform configuration
  (outside the workspace) - need support from Platform Core

- ongoing bug fixing
- log view significantly enhanced (in Tuesday's integration build)

- reverted to last milestone version for integration build, due to severe
  regression (38951)
- issues are now resolved, and candidate patch will be posted on JDT/Core page asap
- new features officially enabled:
  - closed gap between compilation units and working copies (unit has built-in
    support for working copy)
  - syntax error improved diagnosis
  - optimistic JavaModel locking: no longer lock entire model when populating,
    rather lock cache updates
  - new API to force classpath reload
  - classpath library entries tolerate empty source attachment path (treated as
- bug fixing, in particular addressed deadlock scenario in background indexer
  (38901), stack overflow in codeassist (35877)
- ongoing work on new code formatter, new index infrastructure and new search API
  for Java-like languages, working copies everywhere.

- 2.1.1:
  - GTK and Korean readme items are in.
- 3.0:
  - perspective customization dialog changes are in.  Need guidelines on
  - generic Navigator: working on Package Explorer use case, got good comments
    and questions from Dirk.
  - context-based visibility of actions (experimental support) is in.  Working on
    extending this to views and other contributions.

Rich Client:
- RCP runtime work is proceeding with an initial implementation of items suggested
  in the Equinox project.
- plan has been posted the Equinox web site. includes:
  - dynamic plugins
  - OSGi investigation
  - security work.
- goal is to understand the issues and have preliminary implementations of the key
  function by M2.  
- will not be integrated into the M2 deliverable but will enable us to commit to work
  items for future milestones.

- file encoding:
  - RFC is available on team web page
- user settings:
  - Team Team has posted RFC on team web page
- concurrency:
  - initial APIs are in latest builds
  - working with UI to try and populate tree view as information becomes available
- remove dependancy on Xerces:
  - created new xmlpull plug-in
  - removed dependancy from boot, runtime and resources
  - need to work with other SDK plug-ins which do XML parsing to convert their code
  - awaiting word re: licensing issues before releasing new plug-in to repository

- investigation into HTML editor progressing
- GTK accessibility running with problems (GP's, leaks)
- event filtering on display enabled, key intercept working
- platform interface being reworked to support external lock (AWT)

- bug triage and fixing CVS PRs that had many votes (move tag on commit, annotate,
  checkout workflows, creating patches)
- finished and sent out User Settings RFC.
- started Logical vs Physical RFC.
- released into integration build a new sync view. To use open the view called
  Team > Live Synchronize. The old sync view will remain until M3. For more information
  about what is new in the Live Synchronize view refer to:

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