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[eclipse-dev] comment on: Eclipse 3.0 DRAFT project plan


I have been working on a plugin to support a custom programming language.
Probably the biggest problem that I have had to deal with, and which I have
not really solved in a satisfactory manner, has to do with co-existance of
plugins. For example, why should someone debugging a program in my language
see all sorts of java specific buttons and menu entries? I believe that this
issue can be readily addressed by extending functionality of perspectives.
Please see these two bug reports for more details on the problem and a
potential solution.

I hope that it is not too late to consider making this a part of the 3.0
release if the suggestion meets with your approval (these bugs do list 3.0
as their target milestone). I expect that I am not alone in having wrestled
with this issue.

Best regards,

Patrick Baker

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