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RE: [eclipse-dev] eclipse 3.0 M1 now available

Ed, Thanks for pointing this out.  The out-of-date splash screen, feature 
version, and plug-in version numbers are indeed confusing and make 3.0 M1 
unrecognizable as such. We held off updating them in M1 because there is a 
new mechanism on the way that will reduce the administrivia.  We'll 
eliminate the confusion by M2.


"Ed Burnette" <Ed.Burnette@xxxxxxx>
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06/06/2003 04:45 PM
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The version numbers on this are confusing. When I start this version it 
says it is Eclipse 2.1 in the splash screen. The About box says version 
2.1.0 build 200306051737. Most of the org.eclipse plug-ins are version 
2.1.0 except one called "org.eclipse.ui.versioncheck" which is 2.1.1.  All 
the features are version 2.1.0. The package zip file doesn't have a 
version number, it just says "M1". If somebody installs this and they are 
asked what version they have, they're going to have a hard time telling 
it's really 3.0.
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Subject: [eclipse-dev] eclipse 3.0 M1 now available

Build I20030605 (17:37) has been declared stable and has been promoted to 

For a summary of new and noteworthy features in the Eclipse 3.0 milestone 
M1 build, point your browser at:

A link to this summary can also be found on the M1 download page:


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