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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - June 6, 2003

- 2.1.1 status: Help test finished - no regressions found. One minor issue
  routed to SWT.
- dynamic loading of TOCs feature implemented and released ("Improve scalability
  for large help books" plan item)
- added support to display resources (Javadoc) form jars/zips ("Support HTML
  pages in archives" plan item)
- will look into allowing dynamic help content

- new UI ready for M1.
- document describing the changes in progress - will be ready when we declare M1.
- another 2.1.1 candidate fixed and released in time for the Wednesday build
  ( The fix verified with
  the product team that originated the defect.
- Linux/GTK merging investigation ended with a conclusion that it cannot be done
  without simultaneous Releng changes and is too risky for 2.1.1.

- import wizard redesigned for M1 based on input from large products' teams.
- new PDE Build code not ready for M1 - several PDE issues found. Both PDE
  Build and PDE UI code related to these changes rolled back for M1 (will
  continue the work after we declare a stable build).

- 2.1.1 PRs have been code reviewed and verified and test pass completed on Monday.
- CVS workaround for the Sidecar buffer problem has been removed from 2.1.1 and
  we verified that the VM patch fixes the original problem.
- work is ongoing for enabling background synchronization and running of CVS commands.
- started work on defining the Provide User Settings item in the 3.0 plan. See
- talking with the UI team about our object contribution requirements.

Platform/JDT Text:
- 2.1.1 testing and verification
- bug fixing
- integrated Smart typing mode into Platform Text
- each typing mode is indicated with it's own caret shape
- added double click support to status line items
- allow to skip overwrite mode in Java Editor
- Java source hover supports syntax highlighting

- 2.1.1 status:
  - all 2.1.1 PRs addressed
  - would benefit from another 1-day test pass, since further changes went in since
- R3.0 Milestone 1 status:
  - rich client platform:
    - will have report on direction going forward, and findings re: removing
      dependencies on org.eclipse.core.resources.
  - scalability:
    - met with WSSD team this week re: common views (i.e. generic Navigator).  
    - will have report on findings re: common views, and direction going forward.  
    - will have experimental context management mechanism for Debug team
      shortly post-M1.
  - editor management:
    - unable to address due to lack of resources.
  - UI responsiveness:
    - job manager going in at Core level, but we're holding off using it
      at UI level for now.

- 2.1.1        
  - testing/verification
  - addressed problems uncovered by the translation verfication testing
- code generation:
  - template support for getter/setter generation
  - investigate in member sorting improvements
- progress on code reorganization rewrite
- started to work on improving the comment handling in AST rewriting

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