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Re: [eclipse-dev] I20030604 for 3.0 M1 go from JDT/Core

No problem. New JDT/Core contribution got released (v_357). We tested it
given the (indeed) quite reproduceable steps mentionned in the PRs and it
seems to do the trick.

This was a long standing issue (since 2.0) but it got recently surfaced.
This should also resolve the transient errors generated during plugin
imports (where .classpath files cannot be read as JDT/Core needs them).
This was a side effect of JDT/Core triggering marker generation when
opening Java projects in broken state. We will now simply handle these

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Thanks Philippe.  If it makes you feel any better, it was reported
separately so your mentioning it was not the trigger.

At this point it is not 100% of the time so there may be something we can
readme/document as a workaround or avoidance.  Also, if there is a quick
hacky change we can do to PDE (sorry Dejan) that avoids the problem, this
is an option.  Of course a fix would be best...


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Ok, I guess I shouldn't have mentionned it then. <g> We'll investigate some
workaround for M1 within today.

FYI - the problem has always been there. We believe PDE imports are causing
this to occur more often in recent builds. It is a timing issue, and our
code hasn't changed in this area. It has to do with how PDE creates plugin
projects, which is different from before 2.1.

Give us a couple hours to put/test the workaround.

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I20030604 for 3.0 M1 go from JDT/Core

We are aware of a rare deadlock situation during plugin import (see, but this isn't a
Thus not a stop ship for 3.0-M1.

GO from JDT/Core

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