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Re: [eclipse-dev] comment on draft 3.0 plan - need better upgrade options

>we addressed it to a certain extent with our commercial Eclipse add-on,

fyi: this *developer* mailing list is normally used to announce CPL'ed software

In that case, I will make sure to announce all of our CPL'ed software here as well.

Point me to the place where discussion of *relevant* commercial products is prohibited. The person I responded to has run into a class of problem common to many Eclipse developers. It just so happens that we have a pretty decent solution to a large part of that problem. If you're not interested, fine. Don't assume that no one else might be.

BTW, I have seen WSAD (certainly not a CPL'ed piece of software) and many other IBM commercial products mentioned many times in these mailing lists...even by you. Be careful about that glass house thing. ;-)


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