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[eclipse-dev] comment on draft 3.0 plan - need better upgrade options

[resending - sorry if duplicates are received]

I have a comment on the current Draft 3.0 plan.

IMO, Eclipse needs a better upgrade option.  As it
stands, there is no way to upgrade a currently
installed Eclipse environment from one release to
another (e.g. I have 2.0 installed but want to move to

The Eclipse configuration Properties can be imported
and exported, but not all of the configuration
settings get saved (like templates and custom plugin
configuration).  And you still have to manually import
all of your projects; history gets lost, etc. etc.

Has anyone considered addressing this?  I don't see
anything like this even listed in the "rejected"
category; so either this was never brought up or my
understanding on how to upgrade an installation is
wrong ;-)

John Mazz

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