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Re: [eclipse-dev] First series of SWT

Monday, June 2, 2003, 9:17:59 AM, Pope wrote:

> Hello there !

> I try to find out some answers, so any help will be very appreciated:
> 1. It's there a way to add the same Label widget to a Composite ?
> 2. I have a GridLayout with 3 columns layout for the Shell. I want in 
> the last cell to place 2 equal sized buttons. How can i get this done ?
> 3. Why is necessary for each Composite to have its own proper GridData 
> object ?
> 4. The following code really creates the shortcut key for the button:
>       Button      okB = new Button(btns,SWT.PUSH);
>       okB.setText("&Oke");  ?
>    The shortcut appears only after i first push 1 time the TAB key.... 
> why ?

> I think these are enough for the first round ... but i think i'll come 
> back with more !!!
> I don't like to repeat myself, but I would really appreciate any help, 
> cause i want to (read this need to) become really proficient with SWT.

> Maybe, the comunity will decide to create a real tutorial on SWT, and 
> for this i'll be very happy to help (even if for this moment i'm only a 
> newbe )

This mailing list is for discussing the development of Eclipse itself.
Please ask SWT usage questions on the eclipse.platform.swt newsgroup.
David Whiteman                   
IBM Raleigh - OTI Labs         

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