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Re: [eclipse-dev] mac os x specific questions

some days ago i asked if there is a way to change the default
font of eclipse which is in the tree for example.

Some of the fonts used in Eclipse can be changed via Window > Preferences > Workbench > Fonts. For most of the non-dialog fonts Eclipse assumes that they can be configured via some platform preference UI.
However, on MacOS X there is no official preference UI for changing fonts.
This problem is tracked in the following problem report:
(the bug report even contains a patch for changing the font programmatically)

since i didnt
get a reply i assume that this is not the right place to ask..

what would be a better mailinglist to do so? i checked
but didnt find anything mac related. would it be swt related?

The eclipse.platform.swt or eclipse.platform news groups are a good place
for these kinds of questions.


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