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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - May 28, 2003

Platform UI:
- R3.0:
  - Work is proceeding on the following items: scalability, responsiveness,
    rich client platform, instrumentation.
- scalability:
  - will have an experimental "context manager" mechanism for the Debug team to try
    out in the next few days
  - have a summary of Navigator-like views in WSAD, what kind of elements they present
    (i.e. logical vs. physical)
  - received feedback from usability team on opportunities for reducing the number of
    views in WS* products
  - iterating with the usability team on concrete improvements to the perspective
    customization dialog
- responsiveness:
  - most low level design issues worked out
  - plan is to have core pieces implemented and prototype UI changes for M1
- rich client platform:
  - work proceeding on separating out dependencies on org.eclipse.core.resources
  - have a summary of the findings so far, including a list of some recurring
    "interesting" problems to address (e.g. action contributions that use adaptable=true)
- instrumentation for usability analysis:
  - gathering requirements from the usability team, and various university projects, on
    what kind of data we should collect, how to present this to the user, and how to
    manage privacy concerns
  - determining a short list of hypotheses we want to test in the near term, and figuring
    out how best to instrument the UI to gather the needed data
  - work continuing on a tool to analyse and summarise a collection of preference export files
- R2.1.1:
  - last 2.1.1 PR, the workspace metadata version check (bug 29632), is ready to be released
    (waiting on approval for new plugin: org.eclipse.ui.versioncheck).

- JSR045 client is released to HEAD
- creating "scaffolding" to test breakpoints & stepping in JSP strata
- initial launch variable implementation released to HEAD and is under code review
- launch variables support simple (static) string substitutions and (dynamic)
  resolutions based on launch context
- implementation of object browsers/filters for variables view under development
- extensible launch mode pollish - moving perspective switching preferences to appear
  with "launch configuration types" in launch config dialog
- intend to temporaily define "profile" actions in their own action set, such that
  they can be hidden from the toolbar & Run menu

- participated in the "Getting connected" with Eclipse event in Belgium
  for some impressions see:
  (the event impressions are sandwiched in between JBoss at JavaPolis entries)
- refactoring particpation:
  - first implementation of rename type refactoring with participation
  - validated implementation by:
    - updating Java launch configs when main type name changes
    - prototype for JSP updating
- improvements to:
  - generate getter/setter, generate delegate
  - first time JUnit test creation, i.e., help adding junit.jar to the build path
- worked with JDT core on unified working copy proposal  

Platform/JDT Text:
- all 2.1.1 PRs are fixed
- bug fixing
- light weight outliner:
  - selection follows mouse cursor
  - single click activation
- continued work on improved smart typing
  - released Smart Brace
  - adapted typical typing actions such as auto indent to adhere to Smart/Raw Mode
  - release changed auto insertion of '}
- continued investigation to improve information presentation
  - improved hover information presentation
  - appearance and behavior of change bar vertical ruler

VCM Status:
- work is continuing on the new Synchronize view. Should be in-team self-hostable
  by the end of today. We may ask other teams to try it out in a week or two depending
  on how our self-hosting experience goes.
- work has started on integrating the "cvs annotate" command into Eclipse.
- investigations into improvements to the Team project set API have started in reponse
  to interest (and possible involvement/contribution) from the community.

- currently working on dynamically loading TOC for large books.
- 12 defects fixed in 2.1.1 branch; 10 'real' fixes, 2 readme and doc.
  Plan to do some sanity tests this week to verify fixes.

- UI rework first pass close to completion - 95% in the integration build.
- we will document the changes and post on the Update resource page, ask for community feedback.
- most of the non-UI code refactored into the operations layer (including update search).
- one Update 2.1.1 defect ( - expanding
  search scope to e-fixes for one-click updates) - approved and released.
- investigating another Update issue (tolerating merged Linux Motif and GTK releases).
  May result in small changes in 2.1.1 space.

- PDE is in the build again - made some modest improvements and bug fixes.
- we are currently trying to port to the new PDE Build code for Ant script generation.

- a new registry resolver which is much more general (i.e., it can be used to resolve random version constraint systems and has a pluggable selection policy) has been written but not released into the build.  It is also incremental.
- support for the responsiveness work (i.e. job manager and locking support) is ongoing

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