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Re: [eclipse-dev] new feature request

You should open bug reports for your requests, providing more detailed 
explanations of the function you desire.

- Jared

On Sunday 25 May 2003 01:24 pm, waxime dragon wrote:
> Class UML (same of JBuilder8 professionnal)
> Project UML (same of BlueJ)
> Internet project (one person create a server and all
> other programmer, desingner and artist is client. on
> the server, he save many build version with date. When
> some body compile success is part and clic on "send to
> server", all other people on the project receive by
> the server the new version. But all body can compile
> local and only when the compilation is success he can
> press "send to server". You can't work in the same
> class of the people, for not create problem, but all
> people work in the same project. Yan can have a chat
> and the categorie of the people is different color
> (exemple: programmeur is blue, artist 2D is green,
> designer is black and the server and administrateur of
> the project is red). I think with that, all project
> can create very more fast, becose all body work in the
> same time, in the same projet with the same build (i
> think that can very good for creating eclipse)
> color syntax (same of JBuilder8 pro et demo version)
> arrow for more easy know where "{" and "}" is open and
> close
> auto try and catch (same of JBuilder8 pro)
> optimize import (same of JBuilder8 pro)
> add package (same of Jbuilder, when compilation he
> create all good import)
> help java (open explorer to
> address)
> help java bookmark (can add address link)
> can view SQL table name and key (access or oracle)
> with help create connexion with sql (auto create
> coding for the connexion)
> help and verification for good XML file
> auto create DOC (same of JBuilder8 pro)
> auto create "get" and "set" with commentary(if you
> have "public String temp; //This is a commentary" and
> you clic "auto get", he change for "private String
> temp; //this is a commentary" and at the end of class
> he create "public String getTemp(){ return temp; }"
> with commentary before. the commentary is create with
> "//This is a commentary" and "get" auto commentary.
> After, he search every place in the projet where he
> use the "public temp" of this class and change for
> "getTemp".)
> auto use good writing (if you write Get_TEMP, for
> exemple, he change for getTemp.)
> ....
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