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[eclipse-dev] Draft Eclipse 3.0 plan is available

The initial draft of the Eclipse 3.0 plan is available for review at

To ensure the planning process is transparent and open, we are posting the 

plan in an embryonic form and will revise it regularly - as priorities are
clarified, and new feedback and resources become available. 

This plan builds upon the major themes that we identified as areas that we
intend to focus on for the next release.  Unlike previous plans we are not 

starting with everything in the proposed state. This time around we have 
decided to put plan items initially into one of three categories:


However, if you observe that one or more of your critical features has not 
committed in the first draft don't despair. All of the items in plan have 
support of the existing eclipse committers. As an open source project you 
have the
ability to influence the direction by contributing to the project. The 
best way 
for you to advocate that an item deserves to be part of the 3.0 release is 
to not 
only point out the importance of the item but also to commit to 
implementing it 
with us. 

Please send comments about this draft plan to the eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
developer mailing list. 

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