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RE: [eclipse-dev] What's happening after 2.1?

> Late last year we posted an initial draft 2.2 plan which we 
> were viewing 
> as an incremental improvement over Eclipse 2.1. Now that 
> we've started 
> work on 2.2, we feel we should be setting even more ambitious 
> goals for 
> the next major release. 
> We've put together a rough outline of what we'd like to 
> tackle in this 
> next release of Eclipse:

We are a mid sized Java development team who migrated to Eclipse last year,
and have just upgraded to 2.1. I suspect there are a number of other
organisations similar to ours who don't have people on this list, and who's
input hasn't been heard.

From our point of view the following items (from the original 2.2 plan -
are the highest priority (in order):

1) Improve support for Java-like source files. (Particularly JSP)
2) Allow plug-in deactivation. (We find Eclipse is VERY memory intensive,
and any gain here would be an major win)
3) Support Java references from non-Java files. 
4) Support automation of common tasks. 

We would much prefer an earlier release that supported some or all of these
features than waiting for the "non-IDE" class of changes that are being

Breaking API changes are not a big issue for us, as we don't use many

  Nick Lothian

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