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Re: [eclipse-dev] How to contribute Eclipse 2.2 templates development?


The Platform UI team welcomes your input and participation in the 
development of template support for R3.0, and invite others in the 
community inerested in templates to participate as well.

We should move this discussion to the platform-ui-dev mailing list.  I'll 
make a post there to start things off.

Nick Edgar
Eclipse Platform UI Team Lead

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04/23/2003 12:52 PM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] How to contribute Eclipse 2.2 templates development?


we are running project based on Eclipse (called "Exigen Studio"). Exigen
is the company we are working for (

We want to participate in the future Eclipse development or at least 
our efforts with Eclipse community. We implemented a support for templates
in Eclipse. As i heard from Eclipse 2.2 plan:

"( expanded 2.1 PDE deferred item) Add project templates. Eclipse should 
provide a streamlined way to create projects using templates contributed 
plug-ins. These project templates would be able to populate the projects 
stock content so that projects don't start off completely empty. PDE's 
current mechanism should be generalized, pushed down into the Platform, 
put to good use by JDT. [Platform UI, JDT UI, PDE UI]"

This is a subcase of template support we already developed. 
We actually cover more: resource template and non-resource templates, also 

template support for meta-projects ("solutions").

We can share ideas, binary plugins for Eclipse 2.1 and  source code. The 
outcome we expect
is some level of confidence that Eclipse template support will be in 
accordance with what we

                 Programmer, Exigen

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