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RE: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

Title: RE: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

> Dave> My ideal implementation would be to expose macros using an
> Dave> implementation of Emacs Lisp, then include a
> record/play function
> Dave> in the UI to activate them.
> How about integrating Emacs itself as a plugin?

One of my other proposals was to factor out the Java code assist, incremental compilation, and other cool stuff into its own plug-in so that other editors could integrate with this stuff.  Once this happens, then I think a JEmacs plug-in that integrates all the cool Eclipse JDT stuff would be very cool.  Having this refactoring would also enable the VI refugees who are in Eclipse-land to scratch their itch too. ;-)  (I'm personally an Emacs refugee, in case anybody couldn't tell ;-)


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