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Re: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

Scott Rutledge wrote:
In order to avoid starting any scripting language wars, Eclipse should simply include a BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) binding, so that any number of scripting languages can be used. See
That sounds like a good idea. The page says that Jython is supported as well, together with a bunch of other scripting languages (genadyb asked for Jython). If we are thinking of Office applications, which in my opinion we should, people will want to be able to script them, without really programming in Java.

This is what the above page has to say about supported scripting languages:

"BSF supports several scripting languages currently:

  • _javascript_ (using Rhino ECMAScript, from the Mozilla project)
  • Python (using either Jython or JPython)
  • Tcl (using Jacl)
  • NetRexx (an extension of the IBM REXX scripting language in Java)
  • XSLT Stylesheets (as a component of Apache XML project's Xalan and Xerces)

In addition, the following languages are supported with their own BSF engines:

  • Java (using BeanShell, from the BeanShell project)
  • JRuby
  • JudoScript"
Wow. NetRexx, reminds me of times I had exposure to ARexx...

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