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RE: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

Title: הודעה
If we are about to include some kind of scripting language in eclipse,
I suggest checking "jython", which is the Python language implemented
in Java and gives access to all java classes of the program.
It has a nice feature of compiling the scripts into Java bytecodes, which means it
should be quite fast.
I had a very positive experience with jython, and I believe it is the
right language for scripting inside large Java programs..
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My ideal implementation would be to expose macros using an implementation of Emacs Lisp, then include a record/play function in the UI to activate them.  There's already an open source project implementing a large chunk of this (JEmacs) that would be worth investigating.

This would have the nice side-effect of creating a "plug-in API" for text editing, enabling people to more easily extend the text editor.  It would also enable people to create plug-ins by porting things from the huge library of Emacs Lisp add-ins that are already available.

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> > Submitter:      Trey.Spiva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Request:        Would like to have the ability to create macros
> >
> > Trey, what type of macros do you envision? For example, are you
> looking
> > for keyboard
> > macros in editors only or are you looking for "full blown" scripting
> of
> > the UI?
> >
> I would appreciate any support for macros.  My main
> motivation is source editor macros.  I want to be able to
> create new files, and perform editor actions (insert, delete,
> modify and select text).  I would also want to be able to do
> search the contents of an editor.
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