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RE: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

Title: RE: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

> Submitter: <DaveO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request: Ideas about rich client platform support and fine
> print about
> wordproccessing, spreadsheet and email perspectives

It appears that my idea about supporting GCJ/GIJ on platforms where they are mature enough has succombed to Warnock's dillemma.  I think this is a good idea for Eclipse for a number of reasons:

- It would turn Eclipse into a pure open-source platform.  This will help attract more developer interest from the open source community.

- It would be nice to be able to generate native executables for at least Windows and Linux.  Although this doesn't currently improve performance, it makes a fine obfuscator.

- Many customers will feel more comfortable about having code delivered as a native executable rather than requiring a JVM installed on each machine.

- This would help generate more interest in GCJ/GIJ so that it will mature faster.


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