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Re: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

Kevin, if we want to follow up on this, should we respond to the list to
determine if there's potential for involvement, or is there a better way to
do this? I do have plenty of ideas re: Eclipse/.NET - actually I had written
up a more detailed list but Outlook Express crashed and I lost the whole
thing: hence my harsh attitude toward MS...:)

Thanks for your response!

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Kevin Haaland" <Kevin_Haaland@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 4:17 PM
Subject: [eclipse-dev] What's next for eclipse (round 2)

> Thanks to everyone for their response to the major themes in 3.0. I
> already know that there will be more
> line items that we want to do than there are committers to do the work. If
> you are interested in helping out
> please let us know. We are not picky, if you want to dive into the code
> and earn your commit rights that's
> great  but we are also looking for people who want to help triage defect
> reports, fix bugs, write articles etc.
> I was planning to respond individually to each posting, but  instead of
> spamming the list I decided to
> compose a single combined response.
> Submitter:      Trey.Spiva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Request:        Would like to have the ability to create macros
> Trey, what type of macros do you envision? For example, are you looking
> for keyboard
> macros in editors only or are you looking for "full blown" scripting of
> the UI?
> Submitter:         <dave.wathen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request:        Support for generative programming
> Request:        Plugins to let 2.1 plugins keep working in 3.0
> We will record your request for compiler restructing however it's not
> something that the current eclipse
> commiters are going to be interested in doing without significant
> participation from the community.
> If you end up having time to invest in this idea please let us know.
> We definitely need to minimize the impact of API changes to existing
> plugings otherwise we run the
> risk of undermining the adoption of the 3.0 release. Your idea of adapter
> plugins is one of the strategies
> we are considering. How we end up dealing with 2.1 plugins will depend of
> the scope of the changes in
> 3.0 which have not been finalized.
> Submitter: <Jeff.Duska@xxxxxxxx>
> Request: A 2.2 release this year
> We are going to have regular stable milestones throughout the 3.0
> development cycle. For
> those of you who have been tracking our development for a while you know
> that these
> stable builds are suitable for "friends of eclipse" and you will need some
> patience when
> you find bugs but we do make a concerted effort to make these builds
> usable for people
> who want to stay current with the latest features.
> Submitter: "Hugh Spinks" <lynx@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request: .NET/C# support  VS.NET absolutely sucks
> I'm glad you think that VS.NET sucks. Personally, I would not be that
> harsh, there are
> many areas that the current 2.1 eclipse release needs to improve to be
> competitive. As for
> adding support for .NET/C#, this request received significant positive
> feedback from the
> community. Sounds like a great opportunity for community involvement :-).
> For those who are
> interested, I did a google search for C# and eclipse and found:
> I have not used this plugin myself but it may be worth a try.
> Hugh, and others, can you spend some time and identify what in particular
> you love or hate when
> you compare eclipse and java to VS.Sudio and C#/.NET. It would really help
> us identify the features
> that matter to you.  For example:
>         What is it exactly that makes the .NET framework "Neet" that Java
> is missing
>         What is missing/wrong with SWT/JFace to create windows
> applications harder?
> Submitter: <Lars.Sonchocky-Helldorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request: Multi-file search and replace, support for regular expressions
> I am not familiar with BBedit so please excuse my ignorance. What is it
> about their support
> for this feature that makes it particularly good?
> This would be a useful feature to add, however doing multi-file search and
> replace is a
> solution that was acceptable last century. The 21'st century approach is
> refactoring.
> Wouldn't it be cool if you could have refactoring that supported java and
> jsps?
> Submitter: <SMcrae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request: Agreed with Lars and added:
>         - Full native JSP support
>         - Multi-project search and replace
>         - Definable syntax coloring mechanism for code display (see
> TextPad:
>         - Case change option under edit (example: CTRL+L = lower case
> selected text)
>         - Recordable Macros (again, see TextPad)
>         - user-assignable keystroke to perspectives, not use
> "previous/next perspective"
>          but something like CTRL+ALT+J goes to Java perspective,
> CTRL+ALT+C to CVS perspective
> Submitter: <max@xxxxxx>
> Request: Agreed with Sean and added request for general navigation
> Submitter: <Lars.Sonchocky-Helldorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request: Objective-C support
> Request: Horizontal split in editors
> Definitely an opportunity for the community to implement this.
> Submitter: "Bob Foster" <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request:   Mac OSX support, JDK 1.5 !!!
> Yes, our Mac support needs to be better. Did the explanation from John and
> Jeff clear up the intent
> behind the JDK 1.5 line item?
> Submitter: <Ed.Burnette@xxxxxxx>
> Request: What API are we going to change
> No we don't have the list. As a general rule we are not going to be making
> frivolous changes that only
> annoy our existing plugin authors.
> Submitter: <Peter.Booth@xxxxxx>
> Request: Smart typography
> I scanned through the presentation. Will need to give this more thought
> but there are definitely some good ideas here.
> Submitter: <DaveO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Request: Ideas about rich client platform support and fine print about
> wordproccessing, spreadsheet and email perspectives
> David, are you going to help us with implementing this support for 3.0?
> Submitter <jgossage@xxxxxxxx>
> Request: Good ideas on how to get the community to participate in the 3.0
> development process
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