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[eclipse-dev] Error occurred during initialization of VM

Hello All,

I just downloaded the Eclipse 2.1 version and I have not been able to run any program after that (I have been using 2.0 till now). Anytime I try to run a program I get this error

Error occurred during initialization of VM

java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

I have set my JRE to 1.4.1_02 home (I have also tried to point it to JRE subdirectory but that did not work either) but it does not work. I also tried to include specifically rt.jar from this directory in the classpath but of no use (I guess it is not finding the rt.jar somehow in the boot path)

My path variable does include the jdk1.4.1_02\bin directory in the path as the first entry so that should remove any other confusion.

Any idea what might be going wrong here??



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