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RE: [eclipse-dev] What's happening after 2.1?

I'm trying to understand exactly what breaking changes are being proposed; has anybody made a list yet? Also, would this be an opportunity to clean up problems in the plug-in manifest like inconsistent attributes (e.g., some places use Id and some ID, descriptions, etc.), the backwards menu contributions, and inconsistent use of ids on extensions (some require it on the extension and some on an element inside the extension)? Or would that be considered too great and/or frivolous a change?

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> From: Kevin Haaland [mailto:Kevin_Haaland@xxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 4:10 PM
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> Subject: [eclipse-dev] What's happening after 2.1?
> Late last year we posted an initial draft 2.2 plan which we 
> were viewing 
> as an incremental improvement over Eclipse 2.1. Now that 
> we've started 
> work on 2.2, we feel we should be setting even more ambitious 
> goals for 
> the next major release. 

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