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Re: [eclipse-dev] What's happening after 2.1?

I'm desperate to see .NET/C# support. VS.NET absolutely sucks, especially
compared to Eclipse, but the .NET Framework is neat and if you're developing
Windows products...I know, I know...

Hugh Spinks
Sanford, NC

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Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 6:37 PM
Subject: RE: [eclipse-dev] What's happening after 2.1?

> If the suggestion is to get more ambitious I'd like to see the work on
> the 'Extended Java Family' extended towards support for generative
> programming.  By restructuring the compiler it should be possible to
> allow people to take greater advantage of it.  For instance the code
> generation back end could be reusable with different scanner/parsers
> generating ASTs from which .class files are generated.  More ambitiously
> the scanner could be opened up to support extended syntaxes and language
> embedding.
> I've attached a small document that outlines these ideas.  I can't see
> myself having the time to develop these ideas any further in the near
> future.
> Regarding the compatibility issues, could this be addressed - or at least
> mitigated - by producing adapter plugins that would allow 2.1 plugins
> to continue working.  This would fatten the footprint but could be an
> acceptable interim solution until plugin providers are able to migrate.
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> Subject: [eclipse-dev] What's happening after 2.1?
> Late last year we posted an initial draft 2.2 plan which we were viewing
> as an incremental improvement over Eclipse 2.1. Now that we've started
> work on 2.2, we feel we should be setting even more ambitious goals for
> the next major release.
> We've put together a rough outline of what we'd like to tackle in this
> next release of Eclipse:
> /plans/eclipse_after_2_1.html
> We'd appreciate community feedback to help us in firming up the next
> revision of the development plan.
> Please send your comments to the eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx developer mailing
> list.
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