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Re: [eclipse-dev] What's happening after 2.1?

I encourage expansions in the "Rich client platform" area.  Previous
efforts in this area were too closely tied to Update Management,
especially for the case where you don't want to use Eclipse Update
Management.  Likewise, Resource Management is too closely tied to the
Workspace, especially if you don't want a true workspace.  (If you are
interested in how I'm using Eclipse, see

Thanks for asking for input,

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 04:10:16PM -0400, Kevin Haaland wrote:
> Late last year we posted an initial draft 2.2 plan which we were viewing 
> as an incremental improvement over Eclipse 2.1. Now that we've started 
> work on 2.2, we feel we should be setting even more ambitious goals for 
> the next major release. 
> We've put together a rough outline of what we'd like to tackle in this 
> next release of Eclipse:
> We'd appreciate community feedback to help us in firming up the next 
> revision of the development plan.
> Please send your comments to the eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx developer mailing 
> list.

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