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Re: [eclipse-dev] Compiler warnings


in my opinion there is a difference between code that is under development
and code
that goes into the repository or into a release/build.

I agree with genadyb@xxxxxxxxxxxx that during development I don't want to
get a red
error markers in the editor as soon as I enter a local variable, or don't
use a method,
field or type anymore. I already get irritated by the yellow markers
showing up right
now, especially if they appear outside the visible region and do only show
up in the
overview ruler.

I would prefer a solution were the code gets checked when checking it in
into the
repository.  We could even write some tools that remove unused element
on check-in.

My two cents


eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 04/22/2003 04:42:16 PM:

> Hi,
> I think it is time to change the settings of the compiler for everyone. I
> noticed new warnings in the latest nightly builds. They are mostly due to
> unused imports. It might be a godd thing that everyone is using the
> following settings:
> - unused import = ERROR
> - unused locals = ERROR
> - non static access to static member = ERROR
> - assignment has no effect = ERROR
> - Using a char array in string concatenation = ERROR
> This might help to reduce the number of useless warnings. It took time to
> get rid of them prior to 2.1 release. So we might want to change the
> settings immediately and that should prevent us from chasing them right
> before the next release.
> Any comment?
> Olivier
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