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RE: [eclipse-dev] Compiler warnings

My intention was simply to reduce the overhead of fixing these warnings
right before the release. I am not suggesting to set them as default values
in Eclipse, but rather each team could change its compiler settings. With
compiler settings per project, you don't need to change the global

Note that I didn't talk about unused arguments because of the issue you


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While I definetely agree that all these are bad things to have in your
I would not like to see them as errors during development.
For example, I start writing a method and declare some local variable.
I save the file (I usually save the file every few keystrokes) -
and I get the warning/error about the unused local variable, while I was
just about to use it.
Also consider that unused arguments are common when your implementation
ignores some
of the arguments that are defined in an interface.

I suggest two different approaches:
1. Provide mechanism to shut down warnings for specific files (e.g., I
know that some files in my code uses some deprecated methods, and
I don't want to see them all in the tasks list). Today one of my
projects has >1000 different warnings, and I just don't see the new
I want to be able to tell eclipse "ok, I know about these, now complain
only about new problems".
2. Provide two sets of compiler flags: "strict" (for releases) and
"relaxed" (for everyday compiling).
For example, incrementat save can use the relaxed settings, and "rebuild
all" can use stric settings.


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I think it is time to change the settings of the compiler for everyone.
noticed new warnings in the latest nightly builds. They are mostly due
unused imports. It might be a godd thing that everyone is using the
following settings:
- unused import = ERROR
- unused locals = ERROR
- non static access to static member = ERROR
- assignment has no effect = ERROR
- Using a char array in string concatenation = ERROR

This might help to reduce the number of useless warnings. It took time
get rid of them prior to 2.1 release. So we might want to change the
settings immediately and that should prevent us from chasing them right
before the next release.

Any comment?


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