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Re: [eclipse-dev] How does Eclipse build it's build path?


Eclipse requires you to specify the path to your libraries, jar files, in
the Project Properties | Java Build Path | Libraries tab. Most likely you
problem lies in settings in this dialog. When the wizard to create a new
project starts, it displays the Java Build Path dialog. It is possible that
you added these libraries here and do not remember this. You make have added
a Class Folder by mistake.

There are two other possibilities that I can think of. One if you are using
any other projects within this project. The "subproject" or "required"
project could be exporting a different version of this library. To check
this, go to your Project Properties | Java Build Path | Project. If you have
an addition projects selected, you need to check to see, if they export the
library in questions. To check to see what a library is exporting, we again
look at the Project Properties. Go to your Project Properties | Java Build
Path | Order and Export.

There is another possibility that I encountered. If you are using Ant, make
sure that you are not copying libraries into your bin directory by mistake.

These are the best suggestions I have, if anyone see something incorrect,
please correct me.


Jeff Duska
Application Programmer

Robert Nicholson wrote:

> I know at runtime you can rely on the one that's already in Tomcat but
> what are folks suppose to do when they build this thing.
> Supposing you create a new project in Eclipse from the repository it
> would be much nicer
> if this was in lib.
> Can anybody tell me why Eclipse thinks commons-logging.jar should be in
> /webwork/lib?
> It's managed to find everything else in webwork/src/lib/view but it
> insists that commons-logging.jar should be in /webwork/lib which it is
> not.
> I have no idea why it thinks this.
> For all your IDEA advocates. This is one area where IDEA smokes Eclipse.
> Eclipse thinks that
> commons-logging.jar should be in /webwork/lib
> itext-0.81.jar should be in /webwork/src/lib/view
> log4j-1.2.6.jar should be in /webwork/lib
> when out of CVS..
> commons-logging.jar is in /webwork/src/lib/view
> itext-0.81.jar isn't anywhere but itext-0.92.jar is in
> /webwork/src/lib/view as is
> log4j-1.2.6.jar
> Just exactly why is Eclipse making these determinations?
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