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[eclipse-dev] Workspace vs Ant

So if I was using JBuilder I'd have my source code in some cvs checked out directory on my filesystem and JBuilder's source paths would point to those directories.

I'm confused about something with Eclipse. If I'm using Ant to manage my build process, does that mean that you often end up pointing Ant build.xml property entries for dependent jars etc to paths within /workspace?

For instance, today I built jakarta-commons and the top level build.xml wants a definition of junit.home

Now I had checked this out on my filesystem from sourceforge but if I had it in my workspace am I expected to place references to those /workspace paths in the build.xml files that define properties for external jars?


As I am in need of a new mouse. I can justify moving off the Apple Pro mouse if somebody tells me that Eclipse under OSX will support scroll wheel events.

I'm expecting the worst here ;-)

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