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[eclipse-dev] Re: meta-projects

Sorry, I just found the post suggesting project groups.  Please excuse my
naivete I guess I didn't look hard enough.  Anyway, shouldn't there be a
eclipse-users list for general non-development questions such as this?

Sorry again,


I have been working on a large project that has been conveniently divided
into perhaps 12 different subprojects.  Even though our project tree has a
common root, I've made a different eclipse project for each of the
subprojects.  I also have several smaller projects that only require one
eclipse project, and I find myself wanting a feature that would allow me to
separate the two entities.

More specifically I would like a Meta-project capability that has the
ability to have many subprojects beneath it.  Or perhaps some grouping
functionality for projects.  Forgive me if I have missed some already
present feature, but I searched help and the mailing list for "meta project"
and "projects within" (as in projects withing projects) and didn't
immediately see anything.  If there would be a better forum to discuss this
(platform-dev perhaps) please point me that way.

Also, I am not opposed to implementing this feature myself so if anybody has
any suggestions on where to start, it would be greatly apprichiated.



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