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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Project DRAFT 2.2 Plan Comment

Title: Eclipse Project DRAFT 2.2 Plan Comment


Concerning "Eclipse Project DRAFT 2.2 Plan Comment", I would like to suggest the an item under "Java development tools (JDT) subproject":

Improve Ant integration

O Improve the Ant view

  O Navigation: clicking on a task moves to the proper task in an opened editor.

  O Drill down tasks in the Ant view tree view by treating attributes as leaf nodes (which can be edited) and child elements as nodes. The goal is to provide an ant UI inside e which maybe beyond the scope for this component, but one can dream on... Drilling down could work for editing but would perhaps not be great for creating new tasks. I am not 100% behind the tree metaphor but some kind of UI would be less painful than editing raw XML.

  O Add Ant View Filters:
    O Show tasks with descriptions.
    O Show tasks with descriptions matching a regular _expression_, for example: "public: *".

O Allow ant to optionally run in a separate process.

Thank you for considering these requests,

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