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Re: [eclipse-dev] Java 1.2 eclipses Java 1.4 for eclipse

Jed Anderson wrote:
> Bruce,
> You can specify the VM Eclipse should use by specifying the -vm argument
> when you launch Eclipse.  For example:
> ./eclipse -vm /usr/jdk1.4.1/bin/java

Close.  It got me to where I could figure out where to go and what to do.

   ./eclipse -vm /usr/j2se/bin/java

and then once I knew about that magic, changing the /usr/java symlink
to point to /usr/j2se did the trick without the command line arg.


1.  Thank you
2.  enable ./eclipse --help (or ./eclipse -?) without requiring java :-)
3.  have a simple man page that has some bootstrapping/startup help
4.  set up a README that talks about these issues for Sun/Solaris and
    whatever else about whatever other platforms
5.  If /usr/java/bin/java doesn't work, it could still be coded to
    grope around in known, standard configurations viz., /usr/jdk1.4.1
    /usr/j2se, etc., etc.  That kind of helpfulness is greatly appreciated
    for a miniscule coding cost....

Thanks again. - Bruce

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